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New Wednesday Class!


We are so excited for these new ladies to start in their Dental Assisting futures! We can’t wait for them all to find their Dental Homes!

1. Lindsey Paige Olive, Punta Gorda
2. Liza Shaposhnikova, Greenacres. Contact:
3. Ashley Grasso, Boca Raton. Contact:
4. Steffi Lehmann, Wellington. Contact:
5. Chelsea Caldwell, Stuart. Contact:

Wednesday Graduates!

We are so proud of you ladies! Never let anyone dull your sparkle!

All of our lovely ladies have jobs and are ready to start in their new futures as EFDA’s!

  1. Siary Bautista, West Palm Beach. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Contact:
  2. Gloria Phillips, Parkland. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Contact:
  3. Brenda Velasco Galvan, West Palm Beach. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Contact:
  4. Leann Jagnanan, Lake Park. Contact:

New Thursday Class!

Thursday March 22nd, we have 7 new young ladies starting on their journeys! They are all currently looking for a dental externship! 

Below is their Name, Contact, and Location.

  1. Nubia Paredes, Royal Palm Beach. Contact: Bilingual: English and Spanish 
  2. Christine Diaz, Greenacres. Contact: Bilingual: English and Spanish
  3. Tiffany Mason, Vero Beach. Contact: 
  4. Haley Rankin, Naples. Contact:
  5. Angela Wilbanks, Naples. Contact:
  6. Roxanne Quintero, Royal Palm Beach. Contact:
  7. Lizbeth Baldwin: Greenacres. Contact: 

Welcome to DAAPB Ladies! Your beginning starts here ♥

New Saturday Class!

Our new Saturday Class of a full 10 lovely girls just started! We are so excited to see their journey here at DAAPB! They are all very eager to get started! 

The girls are numbered 1-10, please feel free to contact them!

  1. Courtney Hurst, West Palm Beach. Contact:
  2. Mariela Rubio, Clewiston. Contact: Bilingual: English and Spanish
  3.  Maria Zephyr, Lake Worth. Contact: Bilingual: English and French
  4. Esmeralda Hurtado, Clewiston. Contact: Bilingual: English and Spanish
  5. Teresa Villatoro, Clewiston. Contact: Bilingual: English and Spanish
  6. Danielle Bjork, Boynton Beach. Contact:
  7. Casandra Coll, Fort Lauderdale. Contact: Trilingual: English, Spanish and French.
  8. Nicole Prescott, Lake Placid. Contact:
  9. Shaunte Williams, Lauderdale Lakes. Contact:
  10. Carla Montano, Oakland Park. Contact:

We are so excited for you all at DAAPB!

Thursday 3/15 Graduates!

We are so proud of you all!

Our Graduates from Left to Right:

Jessica Mercado, Stuart. Contact:

Jenna Hanlon, Vero Beach. Contact:

Yuliana Alcala, Belle Glade. Contact:

Kristen Burns, Port St. Lucie. Contact:

All of our Graduates are in need of a position!

We will miss you girls, go far and reach your dreams!


A Whiter Smile The Julianne Hough Way

Whitening strips, laser procedures, toothpaste, mouthwash—the search for a product that will give you a brighter smile seems to be a never-ending journey.

According to Julianne Hough, the solution has most likely been in your kitchen the entire time.

“I’ve actually been trying turmeric,” she told E! News.

The actress creates her own whitening product by using the orange-brown seasoning as the base.

“You’d think it would be the opposite and it’d stain your teeth, but it actually makes them whiter,” she shared with excitement.

While the use of a spice as a whitener may surprise you, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, skin-brightening superfood that has steadily gained a reputation for its abilities to brighten both teeth and skin. 

Not convinced? Julianne finished, “Tumeric is the bomb. Y’all should try it.”

In addition to adding a little spice to her beauty routine, the star admitted that she has an obsession, albeit a healthy one, with toothbrushes.

“I love clean toothbrushes. Well, I mean, I hope everybody does,” she said laughing. “I have a full cupboard of just toothbrushes, so that anytime anybody comes over they have a toothbrush but I also change mine out very regularly.”

It turns out, a whiter smile isn’t that hard to achieve.

New Class 3/6/18

Students available to Extern they need 55 training hours!

1- Brandy Clark West Palm Beach area

2- Liza Burkes Boynton beach area

3- Claudia Burke Drangsland Lake Worth area

4 – Anahi Ramirez Bilingual Clewiston area

5- Jaclyn Costa Jupiter area

6- Alexis Meyers Stuart area

7- Sierra Barcomb Port Saint Lucie area


March 3rd Graduates!

Our new graduates are ready to begin their careers with a new adventure!

(Standing) Back Row from Left to Right:

Lauren Lutz: Has a job! Vero Beach. Contact:

Jillian Cameron: Royal Palm Beach. Contact:

Nicole Walls: Ft. Pierce. Contact:

Libni Valera Marinez: Palm Beach Gardens. Contact:

(Squatting) Bottom Row from Left to Right

Ashlee Martin: Has a job! West Palm Beach. Contact:

Shannon Hughes: Hobe Sound. Contact:

Sarah McBride: Vero Beach. Contact:

We are all so proud of you ladies! We will miss you all so much! Thanks for all the laughs and great memories!



Graduates of 2/27/18

Left to Right

Carolina Lahoz Heck Ribeiro Deerfield Beach area. Trilingual ( English, Spanish, Portugese)  Already Employed!!

Megan Overbay Vero Beach area

Meera Patel Jupiter area 

New Class 2/14/18

1- Siary Bautista ( Bilingual English/ Spanish) West Palm Beach, FL 33411

2- Leann Jagnanan Lake Park, FL 33403

3- Gloria Phillips ( Bilingual English/ Spanish) 

Parkland, Fl 33076

4- Brenda B. Velasco Galvan ( Bilingual English/ Spanish)

West palm beach, FL 33409