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The Dental Assisting Academy of the Palm Beaches offers an accelerated 8 week program with hands-on training in a dental lab setting, and an the experience in a dental office with 55 externship hours. Students who complete the Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Program will be awarded with a Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Certificate.

Credentials Approved by the Florida Department of Health, Board of Dentistry Pursuant to Rule 64B5-16.0002(1)(b), FAC. And Licensed by the Commission of Independent Education, Department of Education, Tallahassee, Florida #4801



Dental Assisting Academy of the Palm Beaches is a Premier Training Facility recognized by the Dental Community all over Florida. 85% of our students come as referrals from graduated students sharing their own experience and success stories. Other students find us on Facebook, Google, or on our Blog. Most find it “too good to be true” until they experience the program for themselves.

Dental Assisting Academy of the Palm Beaches we are dedicated to an intimate learning environment so that we can understand your needs as a student and can be capable of meeting your learning requirements. Here we work as a team to optimize student success, with a 100% retention in all classes, and our goal is to see each student through graduation and aiding in job employment. Our program is designed to be affordable to help you transition from a job to a career.

The accelerated 8-week program allows for the students to attend while still working at their present job, earning income, because DAAPB meets once a week on a weekday or a weekend.

How do I know if a career as a Dental Assistant is right for me?

  • • Do you have great teeth and a beautiful smile?
  • • Are you organized and a quick learner?
  • • Are you committed and always on time?
  • • Are you a team player?
  • • Do you have good verbal skills?

If you have answered “YES” to all the questions above, then a career as a Dental Assistant is the choice for you!

How Does Our Program Work? 

As an accelerated program here at DAAPB, we integrate our on-campus learning and training experience with an online component. All online components are to be completed before starting each class. This means, before starting on-campus Day One of the program, students must complete the online study lectures and homework. Our on-campus day starts with a short lecture to review what was studied online and gives an opportunity for students to ask questions. 

Our Education Curriculum is Approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry Licensed by the Commission of Independent Education. We must report our class retention rates along with passing with a 70% or above; and a record of our students that have secured employment. Our School is reviewed each year with an on-site inspection and evaluation and Our Licensed is renewed each year with the completion of the Commissions Assessment.

Importance of an Externship

On-campus, working in the dental skills laboratories offers the students the ability to work on manikins or fellow classmates, along with the instructor presiding. However, externships allow for students to become involved in real life scenarios as they prepare for a career. It is exceedingly valuable for students to get connected with their externship. We encourage all students to start their 55 hours of externship as soon as possible. This allows students to have a real dental office experience which gives them an opportunity to secure a job through their externship site.

How To Apply and What Do I Need to Enroll?

How to Apply

Selected which class you want to Enroll with or view our Class Calendar:

Remember: all Holidays the Academy is Closed!

Tuesday: October 30th-December 18th

Wednesday: August 15th-October 3rd


Saturday: August 11-October 6th

Step 1: Complete the online Application, which can be found here.

Step 2You will receive a phone interview with an administrator.

Step 3: After the phone interview, a tour of the facility will be scheduled

On the tour, you will have the opportunity to finalize your enrollment and pay your deposit if you haven’t already as well as, receive your supplies to begin the class. However, don’t feel that you must finalize your enrollment because you toured the school. We understand that some prospective students need time to think about the importance and commitment of enrolling.

What Do I Need to Enroll

  • All Students Must Have:
  • • High School Diploma or GED
  • • Government Identification (Driver’s License or Passport)
  • • Great Personality!
  • • A Completed and Submitted Application, which can be found above.

Other Facts about DAAPB 

  • For more facts, inquiries, and information about DAAPB and its Expanded Function Dental Assisting accelerated 8-week Program check out our FAQ section here. This may include more information about an externship, aiding in job employment after graduation, or what other certifications will be obtained as a student.

We at Dental Assisting Academy of the Palm Beaches are so proud of the success and seeing life-changing results.  Our Team genuinely care about our students succeeding. “If the students don’t succeed, we don’t succeed!”.

Investing in your future

It takes a type of individual who is devoted and committed to becoming a dental assistant. It requires in-depth home study during the week and if you have a love for people are a team player this is the career for you.

Majority of the time students will be engaged in hands-on learning in our dental skills laboratories. The 55 required hours of externship in a Dental Office teaches students how to apply skills learned from school in a real-life setting. Our goal is for students to have a maximizing hands-on experience while growing a passion for Dental Assisting. After completion of the 8-week accelerated EFDA program and 55 externship training hours, students will be awarded an Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Certificate.





Caring, great employment skills, Good attitude (spirit), team player and has a passion to be a dental assistant.



Our students are tested throughout program, so they know how they are progressing.



Students are hired majority of the time in their externship site, before they graduate.



We’re a post-secondary career school offering hands-on, skill focused, career training providing practical and affordable lifelong learning opportunities for dental health care professionals with educational activities that aim to increase knowledge, skills, enhance practice performance, while improving the health status of patients. Our philosophy is based on a belief that people can be trained in a relatively short period of time allowing you to focus on the critical skills to enter the world as a professional Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

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8 WEEK CERTIFICATION 1 Day a week or Week-end Sessions – A comprehensive eight sessions with 55 hours externship, this certification program is designed to provide students with technical and practical applications of dental assisting. Information is delivered with an Online lecture, lecture review on campus and hands on lab hours along with on the job externship training working alongside the dentist during or after the program. Upon completion receiving and Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certificate including Radiology and CPR training and resume.

Total Program Cost: $3499  – View Course Summary



  • 1NumberOneInCircleEducation – Must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • 2NumberTwoInCircleRegister/Payment – You have three options when it comes to registering for the class and making a payment.
    • Full payment – Make a full payment of $3499. Includes class cost, textbook, scrub and supplies.
    • Partial Payment – A deposit of $599 due now (which includes textbook, scrub & supplies) & remaining balance of $2900 will be due 1 week (day before start date) and can be paid online or in person.
    • Payment Arrangement – A deposit of $599 due now (which includes textbook, scrub & supplies) & than pay 4 equal payments $725  to be paid biweekly for remaining balance of $2900.
      1st Payment Due Week 1 $725
      2nd Payment Due Week 3 $725
      3rd Payment Due Week 5 $725
      4th Payment Due Week 7 $725
    • number3After Registration – After registering for the class, please call us at 561.900.7141 so we can confirm your enrollment.


1 DAY CERTIFICATIONS – These one day courses are designed for a dental assistant with minimum of three months experience who has been formally trained by a licensed dentist. Students in the EFDA and Radiology class must be able to perform all of the expanded functions or radiology procedures in a clinical setting to earn a certificate. Fill out the employment verification form and bring the completed form with you on your selected course date.



This one day course is for a dental assistant with minimum of three months experience who has been formally trained by a licensed dentist. Students in the EFDA class must be able to perform all of the expanded functions in a clinical setting and pass a written exam with a grade of 75% or better a certificate will be issued.



This one day course is for the dental assistant with minimum three months experience who has been formally trained by a licensed dentist, assisting in the positioning and exposing of x-rays. After performing skills in a clinical setting and passing a written exam with a grade of 75% or better a certificate will be issued.

Upon Completion of the course you will be radiology Certified. This is a requirement for the State of Florida. We will provide students with necessary paperwork to apply for Radiology License with State of Florida after course. This requires a copy of the Radiology Certification sent with the completed paperwork along with a minimal fee to the state of Florida, per Florida’s Requirements.


  • 1NumberOneInCircleVerify Employment – Fill out the employment verification form and bring the completed form with you on your selected course date.
  • Download Form or Fill it out online
  • 2NumberTwoInCircleRegister/Payment – Once you have chosen your courses and dates and prepared your employment verification form for your first day of class. You are ready to register for the course.
  • number3After Registration –After registering for the class, please feel free to call us at 561.900.7141 so we can confirm your enrollment.

    1 Day courses are offered on Friday’s See Calendar for available dates. If a date you need isn’t available please call as accommodations can be made.




    Thank you so much for everything! The Academy has been amazing from the day you walk into the door, you do not get that overwhelming feeling like you're in school. I will definitely miss coming to classes. The instructors were caring and dedicated, making certain we were taught properly. I was at my externship for only a few days and they hired me I will begin working for me full-time with awesome benefits, amazing!
    I came in to meet Chris to sign up for the program because I heard so many wonderful things about the Academy. My aspiration is to be a dentist so I thought I'd take this program so I could get in the dental field quickly. Upon registering Chris had just received a telephone call from a Doctor, who is actually on the Florida Board of Dentistry and she immediately told me about him. I went and met the Doctor and he said he liked my personality and great you can start your externship right away and if all works out I will hire you. I have to say I'm gainfully employed and loving every minute of it thank you so much for changing my life Dental Assisting Academy of the Palm Beaches.
    This is been such a rewarding experience getting into the program I had always wanted to go into Dental Assisting and change direction from just a retail job, well it was possible I moved here from Texax and found this program online sure enough it was the best decision of my life! In my fourth week at the academy, Chris gave me a lead of an orthodontist looking for an extern with possible hire employment, to get into a an orthodontist office is virtually impossible unless you have prior experience. Well I jumped on it very quickly met with the office sure enough I was hired, more than my dream come true and I am so happy and learning so much in such a short period of time. Thank you so much for changing my life in a new direction.
    So many wonderful things to tell about the Academy Miss Autumn, Miss Marina, Miss Tricia and Chris are the best! They truly are caring and dedicated to the needs of their students and we can actually have fun and learn at the same time! Hands-on experience in this accelerated program is the best way to go. I had checked out the longer programs and I could not work and attend school at the same time so this is afforded me the opportunity to earn and income and change my career without going into debt. You changed my life thank you DAAPB!


    Our facility is recognized in the Dental Community as a premier Dental Assisting Academy of the Palm Beaches.

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    Our program is affordable designed to allow students to attend while still working at their present job. Dental Assisting Academy instructors have over 20 years of combined experience and they genuinely care about their students succeeding. Students receive the benefit of comprehensive hands-on training within the daily procedures, lecture and lab and in just 8 weeks they will have all the basics of an Entry-Level Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. With the right attitude and employment ethics the majority of our students are offered a position in their externship prior to graduating.


    Christine M. Cera

    Administrator of Admissions, Director & CEO

    Marina Clark

    CDA, EFDA Faculty , Instructor

    Miss Kennedy

    EFDA, Education Coordinator

    Christopher A. Starr, DDS

    Supervising Dentist



    Classes Subject to change if insufficient students to fill a class.

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    Approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry And Licensed by the Commission of Independent Education, #4801