Saturday Graduated Students!

1. Angelina DiMauro, Lantana. Contact: dimauroa1@gmail.com. Bilingual: English and Spanish, Has a job!
2. Remya Arielle Sobers, West Palm Beach. Contact: remyaaasobers@gmail.com, Has a Job!
3. Celese Gallina, Lake City. Contact: celesenicolegallina@gmail.com, Has a Job!
4. Yimara Fundora, Lake Worth. Contact: yimarafundora@yahoo.com. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Looking for a Job!
5. Jean Toussaint, West Palm Beach. Contact: lilsho18@yahoo.com, Has a job!
6. Norma Velasquez, West Palm Beach. Contact: velasquez1394@gmail.com. Bilingual: English and Spanish, Has a Job!
7. Restarted with another class.
8. Kaitlynn Ziegler, Boca Raton. Contact: kaitlynnzieg13@gmail.com, Has a Job!
9. Ebby Elgak, West Palm Beach. Contact: basma81837484@gmail.com. Bilingual: English and Portuguese, Looking for a Job!

Graduated Students!

1. Sierra Barcomb, Port Saint Lucie, Contact: sbarcomb7@gmail.com
2. Anahi Ramirez, Clewiston. Contact: anahiramirez0920@gmail.com Bilingual: English and Spanish.
3. Claudia Burke Drangsland, Palm Springs. Contact: Claudiaburkey@gmail.com
4. Jaclyn Costa, Jupiter. Contact: jaclynrc631@aol.com
5. Alexis Meyers Stuart. Contact: lexmeyers@gmail.com
6. Brandy Clark, West Palm Beach. Contact: hiscupcake314@gmail.com


New Saturday Students!

A new wonderful group of started today and we are so excited to see what their futures hold! They will graduate on August 4th!

1. James Smith Raymond, West Palm Beach. Contact: jasmith89366@gmail.com Bilingual: English and Creole
2. Kaicee Wrigley, Jupiter. Contact: k_wrigley@aol.com
3. Tisha Cox, Coral Springs. Contact: tishacox39@yahoo.com
4. Emily Salmeron, Port St. Lucie. Contact: emilysalmeron@msn.com Bilingual: English and Portuguese
5. Kristina McKinney, Sebring. Contact: Kristina_mckinney@ymail.com
6. Cristina Evangelista, Tamarac. Contact: crisevan2015@gmail.com Bilingual: English and Spanish.