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6 tricks to battle patient dental anxiety.

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

1. Talk. Have a conversation. Once you have addressed where a patients’ anxiety is stemming from and addressing it, this can distract the patient from focusing on their fears.

2. Show-tell-do. Describing what each step is prior to taking action is a great way to take away misconceptions or confusion. If the patient understands what you are doing during the appointment and why, then they may feel better. In general, people are less stressed when they have knowledge or know what is coming, rather than something being sprung upon them.

3. Play calming music. There are plenty of calming and spa music stations and playlists on many music-playing platforms.

4. Diffuser. Many people enjoy the health benefits of essential oils. I enjoy it for simply the nice smells. I try to make my operatory as spa-like as possible. Do be cautious of patients with allergies and/or sensitivities when diffusing essential oils.

5. Silence. Peace and quiet. Some patients may enjoy just being quiet, which may be their way to staying calm. Try not to take this personally.

6. Early doctor exam. Have the doctor exam earlier in the appointment. Some patients get very anxious when they know the doctor is eventually coming in. They could be afraid of what he/she will say and diagnose. In certain situations, this cannot really occur, but an example could be an existing patient who “just doesn’t like the dentist” and has the exam completed after radiographs were taken, prior to the prophy.

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