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Can Flossing Kill?

Many floss companies add a non-stick chemical to help floss slide easily between your teeth. This chemical, called perfluorooctanoic acid (or PFOA) has historically been determined as safe by researchers. But a new Emory University Rollins School of Public Health study shows that this chemical is linked to thyroid disease.

The scientists found that more than 10 percent of people exposed to drinking water contaminated with PFOA reported having some type of thyroid problem.

Granted, the study involved people ingesting PFOA via the water system, not getting exposed to PFOA via floss, and last time I checked, nobody is swallowing floss — but it seems like an unnecessary risk to take given that floss does touch the inside of your mouth, can sometimes flake, and is very hard to break down.

They concluded that higher exposure to PFOA was indeed associated with thyroid problems, after a comparison of blood levels and years of exposure to the chemical.

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