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Garage Dentistry?!

A married couple were arrested Tuesday morning in North Port for allegedly performing dentistry services without a license.

Enrique Gravier, 48, and Adriana Gutierrez Hoyos, 47, both of North Port, have been charged with two felony counts, one for Practicing Dentistry without a license and another for Conspiring to Commit a third degree felony.

The Florida Department of Health first started receiving tips from a person who wished to remain anonymous about an unlicensed dentistry practice in operation a few months ago in November.

According to police, the defendants only performed work on Hispanic clients and they performed known dentistry services which included extractions, braces and crowns. According to police reports, the only way that clients could book an appointment was to call Hoyos and tell her that they needed a cleaning (to the teeth) in Spanish and to say that someone recommended them.

The couple reportedly had set up an office in a home in the 1300 Block of South San Mateo Dr. where the living room was used as a waiting room and the garage is the where the dental work was performed. Police say the practice was called Enrique Dentistry.

Officers moved in on Tuesday morning, arresting the couple. Both are currently in custody at the Sarasota County Jail.

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