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Opioids and Pain Medications

Opioids are narcotic pain relievers that require a prescription from a medical professional. When taken as prescribed for short periods of time under the care of a medical professional, opioids can be a safe and effective pain management tool. Unfortunately, opioid abuse is a growing and dangerous problem in America, as they can also act as a gateway into the abuse of other drugs like heroin.

So why do we use these methods at all in dentistry? Most dentist will prescribe over the counter medications before prescribing opioid combinations to help with patient pain management. If over the counter medications are not working dentist will prescribe a higher dosage before looking into the options of opioids. A significant amount will refuse to prescribe opioids and continue to prescribe the maximum over the counter treatment that can be found.

Read the full article at and let us know your opinion on the opioid crisis and how your office battles.

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