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Saturday Graduated Students!

1. Angelina DiMauro, Lantana. Contact: dimauroa1@gmail.com. Bilingual: English and Spanish, Has a job!
2. Remya Arielle Sobers, West Palm Beach. Contact: remyaaasobers@gmail.com, Has a Job!
3. Celese Gallina, Lake City. Contact: celesenicolegallina@gmail.com, Has a Job!
4. Yimara Fundora, Lake Worth. Contact: yimarafundora@yahoo.com. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Looking for a Job!
5. Jean Toussaint, West Palm Beach. Contact: lilsho18@yahoo.com, Has a job!
6. Norma Velasquez, West Palm Beach. Contact: velasquez1394@gmail.com. Bilingual: English and Spanish, Has a Job!
7. Restarted with another class.
8. Kaitlynn Ziegler, Boca Raton. Contact: kaitlynnzieg13@gmail.com, Has a Job!
9. Ebby Elgak, West Palm Beach. Contact: basma81837484@gmail.com. Bilingual: English and Portuguese, Looking for a Job!

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